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Forever Young

150x100 cm, acrylic, silver, stone, 3D paste on canvas

Price: 1250€

Legend Love

100x100 cm, acrylic, gold, stone on canvas
Price: 1.150€

Hello Leo!

100x120 cm, acrylic, gold, moulding and dollars on canvas
Price: 950€

I kissed my frog...

100x150 cm, acrylic , gold, moulding on canvas
Price: 970€

“Yes, it’s mine”

120x100 cm, acrylic/stone, shimmer, textile, gold on canvas
Price: 810€

Point of view

100x70 cm, acrylic, 3D paste on canvas

Price: 700€

Edison & Jupiter

120x120 cm, acrylic, gold, 3D paste on canvas

Price: 860€

Happy Birthday 200!

100x100 cm, acrylic, rosette on canvas

Price: 880€

Not a toy

100x100 cm, acrylic, 3D paste, canvas

Price: 720€

Almost abstract

There is never a valid cause to pick up a gun. The gun is just as meaningless, as the things you can see behind it.

100 x 120 cm, acrylic, 3D paste, canvas 

Price: 720 €

Dream my darling

Now, up in the clouds, clincking glasses with the old and wise. Nothing can disturb her eternal sleep. 

100 x 100 cm, 3D paste, shimmer, gold, canvas 

Price: 900 €

Get a taste of your own medicine

Your actions have consequences, even though you don’t like “the taste of it”. 

100 x 100 cm, acrylic, shimmer, 3D paste, gold, glitter

Price: 760 €

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